Euchre Solitaire

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Euchre Solitaire is a single player version of the 4 player trick taking card game Euchre. In Euchre Solitaire, the player plays against the deck instead of in a team against a second team of players. The player is dealt a 5 card hand from the deck, then a card the player can tell the deck to 'Pick Up'. If the player chooses to have the deck pick up that card, it is the first card the deck will play and the suit of the card will become the trump suit in the game. If the player does not choose to have the deck pick it up, the player must choose the trump suit. The player leads with a card, and the deck deals cards until it either gets a card of the same suit, or a trump card. When it is the deck's turn to lead, it just deals the next card off the top of the deck.