Shamrocks Solitaire (old version)

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Shamrocks Solitaire is a solitaire card game with a lot of strategy. In Shamrocks Solitaire, the 52 card deck is dealt into 18 piles, with all but one of the piles having 3 cards in it. The player can move cards between the piles building them up or down without regard to suit. The catch is that none of the piles are allowed to have more than 3 cards in them at a time. Also adding to the difficulty is that when all the cards in a pile have been removed, the pile is gone for good and can not be started again. The player can choose which card he would like to use to start off the foundations. Once the first card has been placed in the foundations, all the foundations must be started with a card of the same value. In both the piles and the foundations, the player is allowed to wrap from King to Ace (or Ace to King in the piles).